if you can't choose it's not an ellection

Alabama is one of the nation’s toughest ballot access states, but together, with a successful petition drive, we can ensure that Alabama voters have another option on their ballots.


To do this, we must turn in a petition with 51,588 valid signatures by March 3, 2022.


Because elections officials may invalidate signatures for lots of reasons, we are aiming to be safe by collecting at least 70,000 total signatures.


Getting people to sign, or circulate, petitions is going to be especially challenging in an environment that has people understandably wary of contact with those they don’t know due to COVID-19. But our safety is of no concern to our rulers.

If you would like to help collect signatures, we ask that you help our fight to give the people of Alabama a choice.

For more information on how to help with ballot access visit LPALABAMA.org